Wardrobe on Cloud / iWardrobe

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Name: Kumar Ramansenthil

NYU affiliation: No NYU affiliation

NYU status: None

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 2


Concept Name

Wardrobe on Cloud / iWardrobe


High Concept Statement

Maximize Wardrobe Value. Using AI image recognition, this App that can use your pictures to create a Digital Catalog of your wardrobe. Private personal feedback. Provide accessories options.


Status Quo

People are pressed for time to make clothing choices on a daily basis. Many of the clothes are forgotten. Also, people have to manually look for accessories and clothes combination, which is both time consuming and expensive. Any person who is time, cost and fashion sensitive is this App’s customer.



Currently people put in time to choose the right clothing. People purchase accessories and ask friends for feedback from friends in ad-hoc manner, either physically or through ad-hoc photos. Even this does not lead to optimal purchase: time/money/satisfaction.  There is no product or service that can address these issues in an affordable and timely manner.

There are app that lets you load pictures of your clothes and build a catalog. Also existing apparel shops. (Apps: ClosetSpace,  StyleBook. Companies: Macys, Nordstrom)



The App is your personal stylist that will provide a digital catalog of your wardrobe and lets you customize your tomorrow’s look using AI. Lets you know if the dress amalgamation is getting the expected response before you even step-out/before you buy it using the personal feedback from friends and iWardrobe community


Revenue Model

Using in-house Style experts who suggest purchase of clothing/accessories. Using advertisement from clothing shops


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